On the Way: Cambodian Country Road


Kampot province

When they are not dustbowls in the hot and cool seasons, they are underwater in the wet season. These are the roads that those Cambodians who live in the countryside have to endure.

If you live in Phnom Penh it is easy to forget just how much the development in many parts of the country is being left behind that of the capital.

Following behind a truck kicking up a fog of dirt on one of these roads soon reminds one how lucky the residents of Phnom Penh are.

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12 thoughts on “On the Way: Cambodian Country Road

  1. The Philippines still has some roads like this. Even with billions of pesos allotted a year to the local governments in the rural areas, no significant developments were made. The only thing that are usually constructed are the mansions and villas and condos and resorts owned by the mayors and/or those in power at the rural areas! You know what I mean… 😦

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  4. Oh my! Thank you so very much for stopping by and Liking “On the Way” (poem plus photographic response to Daily Post’s Challenge). I am farily new to this blogging world (March) and also to poetry writing (February) – in my rejuvenatement period (not retirement). The aspect I most enjoy about this corner of cyberspace is the Return Policy that seems to be indigenous to the system….as in your Like enabled me to meet you this morning over my first cup of coffee! I have been perusing your site and must say, I am fascinated by the back story (and then there were five), and your experiences told through your photography. As a former director (and dean) of a Global MBA Program, is was privileged to do some extensive travel. The biggest privilege was to experience the culture and meet the people. I got to know so many wonderful folks across the globe – parents of students – students, now alumni – school visits and corporate visits setting up internship experiences for students. I especially loved India (4 times), Singapore (4 times) and Istanbul (4 times). China was amazing too….well, really, all of the places but mainly because of the cultures and people. Someone told me a long time ago, when you travel, do not look at something and form a “this is better” or “this is worse” type of judgement. Travel instead knowing “this will be different” and then look for and appreciate the differences, without the judgement of your own ethnic/cultural background. I found it very wise counsel. I smiled at your Tuk Tuk pictures, remembering my experiences with Tuk Tuks. I did post a poem about Wondrous India with a number of my photos from there — just an amazing country. I was privileged to visit the home of a government minister (his grand daughter being one of my students). This was a man elected 5 times by the people, who lived in a humble home and shared a meal with me. These home visits were always the most amazing. Thank you for stopping by — and providing me with an “armchair” tour of Cambodia — a place I’ve not yet been to. I do hope you’ll stop by again….have a wonderful day —

  5. Great picture for the challenge!
    I have to say that in Africa I have had to get used to roads a lot narrower and more corrugated and rutted and rocky than that one, though!

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