Phnom Penh, Cambodia is home.

We live in a mixed Kiwi-Khmer-Thai household.

The Kiwis are two New Zealand teachers.

The Khmer are a 15 year-old schoolgirl who lives with us because she has limited opportunities within her impoverished village. And a young woman, trying to make her way in a somtimes brutal Cambodia. We first met her 12 years ago in a rural orphanage.

The Thai is Vanna. T. Cat who we picked up off the street 7 years ago when he was just a kitten in the little town of Sam Phran.vanna

For more on the cast of characters see:


41 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for liking my “weekly challenge” contribution, it gave me the opportunity of discovering your blog, I’ve been twice to Cambodia: the first time around 1999 (very few tourists at that time!), the second time last summer. The country has changes a lot, but Cambodian people kept their kindness. Hope to read more of your stories.

    • It certainly has changed! I remember going to Angkor in 2001. We sat on a corner of the Wat in peace as there was hardly anyone around. So different now!

      Thanks for the comment…

  2. I spent a several days in Siem Reap a few years ago. Cambodia is a fascinating country. The rural poverty was an eye opener for me. I will have to check back to see how your adventure continues. Marie

  3. philipcoggan says:

    This is not for publication – I’d be grateful if you could contact me to discuss a project I’m engaged in, i.e., researching the role of the supernatural in Cambodian daily life. Means things like the meaning and nature of house shrines and personal protective spirits, the role of dead ancestor-spirits in wedding ceremonies, belief in ghosts/monsters and measures to counteract them, etc etc etc. If you’re interested, you can find me through philip_coggan AT yahoo.co.uk.

      • Neither did I, Philip, until I received a notification from a blogger that they nominated ME for the One Lovely Blog award. Basically bloggers nominate other bloggers they admire for certain awards. Read my latest post and you’ll understand. And certainly you can just accept my admiration and be an “Award-Free Blog” which some choose to do, I’ve discovered.

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  5. The Greenwich Mummy says:

    Your blog is absolutely fantastic – it’s so nice to learn about a country so close to my own native country (Vietnam).. You’ve thoroughly inspired me to visit Cambodia one day. Thank you!

  6. So pleased to have found your blog after you liked my birds in motions post. I have never been to Cambodia but a couple of my daughters loved it when they did the post- school travels. Your household sounds interesting (understatement)
    Beautiful fishing net shots- very iconic.

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting “Thru the 50mm” I hope you will come back soon. I have enjoyed reading your blog and find it very interesting what you are doing. All the best.

  8. I’m loving your beautiful photos of Cambodia, I had a short trip there, but loved every minute, through your blog I can spend more time there, thank you for sharing…

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