This pose is Buddha in the position of touching the earth or, calling the earth to witness. It represents an important event in the life of the Buddha.

About to reach enlightenment, Mara, the demon, and his three daughters arrive to try and seduce the Buddha into a life of sin.

When the soon-to-be Buddha touched the Earth with his right hand, the Goddess Phra Mae Thorani appeared in the shape of a young, beautiful woman. By wringing the waters out of her long hair she drowned the armies of Mara, allowing the Buddha to continue meditating and reach enlightenment.


Calling The Earth To Witness (Subduing Mara)


Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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What Wat? Wat Chang Lom (วัดช้างล้อม), Si Satchanalai, Thailand

Wat Chang Lom is a large Buddhist monastery built around 1286 in Si Satchanalia, Northern Thailand.

Its construction was heavily influenced by Sri Lanka.

Si Satchanalai means ‘City of the Good People’ and it was the second residence of the Kingdom of Sukhothai’s Crown Prince. The Si Satchanalai Historical park is home to another 5 major Buddhist temples.

 The main sanctuary, seen here, is encased in thick laterite walls

The temple grounds are large and flat. Si Satchanalai gets surprisingly few visitors- it was just us, the gardeners and the birds for the first three hours we were there.



The temple is named for the 39 elephants that surround the base of the stupa. (Chang means Elephant in Thai)

Some of the elephants have stood the weather and time better than others.


Once, the second level of the stupa was filled with 1.4 metre tall Buddha images. Some have disappeared.