The bananas are small and sweet, unlike the bigger bland ones found in supermarkets back home.

She slices them wafer thin, lays them out on a bamboo tray and brushes them with oil. Then they are dried for a couple of days.

Some of the bananas are grilled before being sold. The grilled ones are especially morish.

Half a kilo sells for a dollar.

Pictured is grandmother and grandfather, like in many Cambodian families they are raising the kids, while the parents try and earn the best income they can (often elsewhere).

It’s a struggle to make ends meet.

Battambang province, Cambodia

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8 thoughts on “Banana Transformation

  1. Touching article. The mention about Cambodian families is simply stated but striking. It reminds me of a saying I once heard -‘ I cried because I had no shoes and then I saw a man who had no feet.’ I am sure that the grandparents do a fantastic job of bringing up the children but it really made me feel sad to think of the struggles of living with separation from one’s parents as a young child.

    I read today that David Cassidy, the famous singer and actor died. He too was brought up by family as his parents were busy performers who were away a lot of the time. What struck me was the mention that at the age of six years, David was shocked when he accidentally discovered, from neighbours, that his parents had in fact split up a couple of years earlier. I couldn’t help thinking of the small six year old boy who probably lived for the visits from his parents and then to cruelly have that illusion destroyed in this way must have caused him such heartache at a critical stage in his childhood.

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