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3 Birthdays in a Week


The lights go out and they loudly sing Happy Birthday as I enter.

And they present a cake with ‘Happy Birthday Teacher Philip’ iced on the top.


Except it’s not my birthday. Rather it is the end of term and they want to show appreciation.

It was my third birthday that week: same presentation from the other classes.

Don’t know why its Happy Birthday. But it’s a tradition now for Cambodian students to give thanks in this way.

And whose to argue?



8 thoughts on “3 Birthdays in a Week

  1. So kind and thoughtful of your students. What a lovely gesture and it is so lovely to see that they love to have fun 🙂 Nice to see you in front of the camera for a change. Looks like you are enjoying the moment 🙂 Happy Birthday, Phillip. Best wishes. I’ve always enjoyed your street photography and portraits, and look forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. Lovely indeed. Happy Birthday, Phillip. The appreciation shown by your students speaks volumes about your work. Great teacher and photographer. I truly enjoy your photography. Cheers.

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