Making Rice Paper


To the left are rice husks. The husks are pushed through the hole that you see at the top of the oven and they fuel the fire. The young lady spreads the rice slurry- soaked rice ground with water and salt- over the pan, which sits above the oven, as you would a crepe.

The Vietnamese put a lid over each paper disc to steam it, but here she did not. Perhaps that is a wet cloth under the pan that provides the steam?


Once cooked the paper is placed on one of the four wooden prongs shown above. These prongs slip off and allow the other worker to easily lay the paper out to dry.

Batttambang province, Cambodia

Batttambang province, Cambodia

The rice paper is then laid out in the sun for about a day.

This isn’t physical work, but they need to make hundreds each day, and so I imagine it becomes uncomfortable sitting in the same position hour after hour.

The makers of these little discs are able to charge a premium over the mass produced ones.

Still, they clearly aren’t making a fortune out of their endeavours.

The result- and I tried them fresh and fried- was most satisfying.



5 thoughts on “Making Rice Paper

  1. I was thinking rice paper….for writing on. This is for eating? No wonder I didn’t understand round paper instead of square sheets. Do you fill these to eat as you would a burrito?

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