What Wat?: Wat Samroung Knong


Wat Samroung Knong was built around the 1890s and has been recognised by UNESCO as a rare, surviving example of an original Battambang-style Buddhist temple.

It is made of wood, brick and plaster. The beautiful wooden window frames, as opposed to plaster ones, are a major reason it is seen as different.

Building supplies were hauled in by elephants and the elephants were also used to flatten the ground.

The Khmer Rouge used the temple to imprison women during the horrific Democratic Kampuchea period. (1975-79)


Wat Samroung Knong, Battambang Province

Wat Samroung Knong, Battambang Province

“Ornamental metal work of the guardian above is a fine example of the artistry and craftsmanship from this time.’

While the figure is clothed in Hindu garb and headdress, the work is definite Khmer-style piece.

A new temple- built in 2002- now sits within the temple grounds.



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