Cambodian Rule of Law Found Wanting (Again)


‘Cambodia ranked 112 out of 113 countries… and dead last in the East Asia and Pacific region when it comes to the perceived rule of law…

The annual Rule of Law Index, measures how rule of law is perceived…by scoring eight factors: constraints on government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice and criminal justice. 

Of the 15 countries surveyed from the East Asia and Pacific region, Cambodia scored lowest and New Zealand highest, with countries like Mongolia and Malaysia falling somewhere in between. Cambodia came in 112, scoring just below Afghanistan and above only Venezuela, a country experiencing food shortages and frequent violence.’

~The Phnom Penh Post

The Philippines Police are encouraged by their President to shot-to-kill drug-crime suspects. Saves pesky trials, the presumption of innocence and incarceration costs, I suppose.

Despite that disgrace,(among others) Cambodia is more than 40 places below the Philippines on the ‘Rule of Law’ index.

In fact it rates second last of all countries surveyed. (just below Afghanistan and above only Venezuela)

Government lackey spokesman Phay Siphal, did as always with such annoying reports; he waved it away as biased.

“Cambodia’s government doesn’t care about ranking, because [the report] serves its own purpose,” he said. “It’s biased and selective; they do their own research for their own interest.”


4 thoughts on “Cambodian Rule of Law Found Wanting (Again)

    • ‘A transparency watchdog has alleged a “stranglehold” on the Cambodian economy by the family of Hun Sen – one of the world’s most notorious autocrats, who has ruled the south-east Asian country across three decades.

      Investigators from UK-based Global Witness who traced corporate ownership said they had uncovered numerous examples where companies linked to members of the Hun family managed to secure lucrative public contracts and state concessions to amass vast fortunes.’

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