Face(s) of the Day: Begging


Pchum Ben (Ancestor’s day) so the pickings are good for these young beggars.

There is something sad in the face of the little girl at the very back…

Wat Toul Tompong, Phnom Penh

Wat Toul Tompong, Phnom Penh


4 thoughts on “Face(s) of the Day: Begging

  1. since you’ve been living in cambodia, do you speak khmer? i guess people will always assume you’re a tourist and not an expat, huh? how do you respond when the kids approach you?

    even though i’m khmer american, i get approached often as well when i visit (since i don’t look khmer) and struggle with how to respond because i don’t want to support begging…

    • I don’t speak Khmer 😦

      I don’t get approached for money by kids much in my area. The photo is a different scenario as it’s Pchum Ben and a time of giving to the less well off.

      I never give to the woman who beg with a baby in their arms. I understand there are some NGOs who offer them reasonable alternatives to living on the street. And having kids to use as a begging aid, just ain’t good.

      I never give to kids. (Pchum Ben excepted) As you say it encourages them to stay away from school. And Im not sure if the kids are gang-controlled here, or not. Certainly they are in Bangkok.

      I do give to some of Phnom Penh’s many constantly-wandering old men and woman beggars. Can’t help thinking they must have lost everything, family included, during the time of the Khmer Rouge. And I wonder where they sleep…

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