Nostalgia:On the Menu: Ros Sereysothea and Sin Sisamouth


Ros Sereysothea andSin Sisamouth, Battambang city restaurant, Cambodia

Ros Sereysothea and Sin Sisamouth, Battambang city restaurant, Cambodia

Cambodians of all ages know Sin Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea. The young still appreciate these singers from the 60’s and 70’s, and the old feel nostalgic for the Golden Age of Khmer music.

The “King of Khmer music,” Sisamouth (1932-1976) died during the Khmer Rouge regime under circumstances that are unclear.

King Sihanouk gave Ros Sereysothea (1948-1977) the honorary title of “The Queen with the Golden Voice.”

She also died during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. No one seems sure if Pol Pot’s lot killed her or not.


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4 thoughts on “Nostalgia:On the Menu: Ros Sereysothea and Sin Sisamouth

  1. What little I know of the Pol Pot regime is frightening…it could not have been good for these singers to have been noticed by him. What did one do, hide? So many hid. So many died anyway.


  2. She, like the rest of the Phnom Penh population, was forced into the countryside when the Khmer Rouge took the capital. She managed to keep her identity hidden for a while. But, she was discovered and forced to marry a senior figure of the regime. The husband beat her and Sereysothea became a problem.

    The regime said she must move to another village. She was last seen on an ox-cart on the way to her new home. Likely she was murdered on the way by the Khmer Rouge.

    So goes one story.

    Another was that she was killed by the Khmer Rouge immediately upon the fall of Phnom Penh.

    And another says she died from starvation and overwork in one of the forced labour programmes.

    No happy ending which ever is true.

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