Quest: A Movement of Monks

Kampong Luong Pagoda, Angkor Borei, Cambodia

Kampong Luong Pagoda, Angkor Borei, Cambodia

These monks are about to ready themselves for the receiving of alms.

In Buddhism the receiving of alms is the beginning of the quest to Nirvana.

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6 thoughts on “Quest: A Movement of Monks

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  2. Quite piqued by the alms to nirvana concept. I read a book “If Truth Be Told” by Om Swami, where the multi-millionaire business baron just quits one day in quest of spiritual findings. In the process, he joins an ashram in Hardwar or Hrishikesh, I am not sure, where the founder of the ashram reduces him to as much as begging for food. Om Swami puts bears it all with equanimity and in the process divests himself of all pride, ownership and ego, thereby preparing himself to live the life of an ascetic in the beautiful but harsh Himalayas. I was angry when i read those accounts, but the ashram and its founder (i refuse to call him a guru) were probably placed in the scheme of things to be in Om Swami’s journey.

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