Prison Time Continues for 13 Year-Old


Photo taken when she was 12 years old.


This is Chhay Reaksmey.

She is 13 years old.

But she’s not at school, or playing on the streets with her friends.

Instead she is locked up in the notorious adult prison, Prey Sar. She’s been there 8 months.

Police arrested her and her father for drug trafficking. (Most likely they were delivering drugs to users within their area and getting paid peanuts for doing so.)

Legally you cannot be held by the authorities in Cambodia if you are younger than 14 years old.

But the police mistakenly charged her under the name of her 20 year-old sister.

And they refuse to admit to their error. Loss of face you see.

When asked how police could confuse a 13-year-old child for a 20-year-old adult, Tuol Sangke commune police chief Huy Hean denied any mistake had been made, despite her small stature and young appearance.

He suggested instead that her family had doctored the residence book (which shows proof of age), insisting that Reaksmey was indeed 20 years old.“Actually, Ros Srey Lim and Chhay Reaksmey are just one person. She used to commit many drug crimes,” Hean said.

She’s 20 years-old according to the vile Police Chief. Not 13.  Proof to the contrary, or not. He doesn’t care.

And so she continues to rot in an adult prison.


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8 thoughts on “Prison Time Continues for 13 Year-Old

  1. Doing the only she knows that will put rice on the table, and at the wishes of her father. She never had a chance… There will be 20 or so in her cell that is only meant for 4.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. How truly terrible. First the child is caught up in adult activities she has no control over, and now adult arrogance and ridiculous fear of losing face condemns her to more evil mistreatment. Heartbreaking!

  3. This is horrible. Are there no advocates for the children? No one that is provided at no charge for those that cannot afford? No, I could not press the like button for this, either. This is so very sad and awful.

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