4 Woman in a Boat

Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot, Cambodia


8 thoughts on “4 Woman in a Boat

  1. Four Women In A Boat.

    Four women in a boat,
    Perchance were afloat,
    Just outside Kampot,
    But no fish could be found ,
    And they soon ran aground,,
    ”Now look at the mess you have got …

    Us into” said Li
    Who was still quite spry,
    Even at ninety-two,
    And when the boat sprang a leak,
    There was no time to speak,
    As they all tried to bale with a shoe.

    But help was at hand,
    In the form of a band,
    Of four likely lads from the town,
    ”Hold on” they all cried
    As from the boat they were pried,
    And happily not one of them drowned.

    Hows that?


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