Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand

Buddhist Murals: Thursday’s Pose



Meditating Pose (associated with Thursday)

While the Buddha was in this pose (also known as the yoga pose) he resolved not to leave his spot of grass under the Bhodi tree until he became enlightened and had discovered the cause of suffering and how t0 end it.

Here is a statue, from Singapore’s Buddha Gaya temple, of Buddha in the same pose.


Also: Buddhist Murals: How an Elephant Warmed Buddha’s Bath
There are hundreds-of-thousands of Buddhist murals in the temples of Southeast Asia. Mine are mostly from Thailand and Cambodia
Many have an interesting story to tell, but deciphering the message can be difficult for a non-buddhist like me. In fact, often the more you research the more confusing things become.
This series of mural posts is my attempt to make sense of what I see. It’s possible that despite my best efforts I get some things wrong. Be sure to let me know if that is so.
Other murals will be posted without explanation. Simply because I don’t have one…yet!

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