Happy Khmer New Year (Day 2)

Random shots from Wat Toul Tompong…


The Cambodian version of “Sunday’s best.”



“You can take me to hell, if you can count all these grains of sand.”

Obviously the more sand the less likely a ‘devil’ will be able to count it all. So a trip to hell becomes highly improbable if everyone contributes a cupful of sand.


The rice mountains are for a similar purpose, although more faith is placed in the sand mountains as sand grains are far harder to count.

The offered rice will however be of more practical use to the monks of the Wat in the upcoming weeks.






A deer is considered bad luck by many Cambodians. In the New Year dance the deer is killed and this boy, like the one I saw in 2014, didn’t seem happy about it.


Can you blame her? It’s approaching 36 degrees by 9AM and she is expected to dance.


Young beggar-boy. I’d like to think he is plotting a way out of his poverty…




Working hard all the time I was there. Cheerful but hot under that headgear…


4 thoughts on “Happy Khmer New Year (Day 2)

  1. I feel like I’m there………I can feel the water going over the Buddhas head….
    Love the 500 riel note in the sand……… : )
    And, the shot of the little girl before dancing……….is priceless!!!

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