Cambodia, Thailand

Asia’s English Language Proficiency

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A follow up on this post.

Cambodia’s performance is extremely poor. But, as someone who has taught in Thailand, their score is depressing, too; not only is it very low now, proficiency has actually dropped over recent years.

With English the official language of ASEAN, Cambodia and Thailand are in danger of being left behind.


5 thoughts on “Asia’s English Language Proficiency

  1. Politicians always have ‘plans’ don’t they? Not sure if there is any great will to change things in Thailand, though. In fact, salaries for foreign teachers have probably gone down over the last ten years.

    Cambodia has long understood the importance of English but doesn’t have the resources…

  2. This is quite an interesting stats…

    I could see India on top three, but here also, there is a huge difference with respect to proficiency in villages and urban areas.

    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

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