Stateless and Threatened Better than Cambodian Alternative


~Bangkok Post

Just 4 refugees left the Australian-run detention camp on Nauru for a life in Cambodia.

So far the grubby refugee deal with Cambodia has cost more A$40 million dollars, or A$10 million per refugee.

The Australian government told blatant lies to desperate detainees in their efforts to get them to move to a woefully ill-prepared Cambodia.

Now, reality has hit at least one of the four refugees who was settled in Phnom Penh.

“A Cambodian official revealed this week that the 24-year-old ethnic Rohingya man from Myanmar wanted to give up his refugee status and return to his homeland.”

Cambodian conditions cannot be good if he wants to return to Myanmar where his people are considered stateless and are subject to ‘systemic violence and persecution,’ can they?


2 thoughts on “Stateless and Threatened Better than Cambodian Alternative

  1. The plight of refugees is utterly heart-breaking, and there is so much that the so-called “developed” countries could do and yet here we are struggling to persuade our government to increase its pathetic quota by even a few hundred.

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