Fogging Malaysia


Dengue fever continues to be a problem in Malaysia with a 59% rise in reported cases over last year’s corresponding period.

The KL complex we stayed in was ‘fogged’ three times, due to dengue outbreaks, in the month we were there.

Fogging isn’t effective, though; while it kills the adult mosquito it doesn’t knock out the larvae. And fogging residue doesn’t last more than a few days, anyway.

Much more effective is the application of common sense- the removal of all sources of stagnant water that serve as mosquito breeding grounds.

It’s cheaper than fogging and works long term.



2 thoughts on “Fogging Malaysia

  1. When I lived in Malaysia, there was fogging around once a month where I was staying. As you said, it didn’t really kill off all the mosquitoes. I do suspect the drainage system in Malaysia might contribute to this – sometimes you can see uncovered drains here and there. Then again, locals are known to throw rubbish into drains and clog it up with water.

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