Top-Ranking Female Khmer Rouge Dies



Ieng Thirith, sister-in-law of Pol Pot and the top-ranking woman in the Khmer Rouge died on Saturday.


Ieng Thirith was one of just a handful of aging Khmer Rouge leaders put on trial by a United Nations-backed tribunal seeking justice for crimes committed by the radical movement.

But in September 2012, the tribunal was forced to free her after she was declared mentally unfit to stand trial because of an illness thought to have been Alzheimer’s disease. However, the charges against her were not dropped.

Prosecutors had accused her of involvement in the “planning, direction, coordination and ordering of widespread purges,” and charged her with crimes against humanity, genocide, homicide, torture and religious persecution. She denied the charges.
Just two top leaders of the Khmer Rouge -Nuon Chea, the regime’s chief ideologist and No. 2 leader, and Khieu Samphan, a former head of state- have been charged and convicted for their part in the horrors of their maniacal regime.
And it’s unlikely many more, if any at all, will be brought before the courts; the political will is not there and others , like Ieng Thirith are dying of old age.

5 thoughts on “Top-Ranking Female Khmer Rouge Dies

    • Feelings are mixed. Ranges from why bother bringing all this up again to bringing as many Khmer Rouge as possible to justice.

      Whole thing costs a fortune and the courts are full of corruption.

      It’s very messy…

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