Cambodia, Cambodian Poverty

Door: Shut Out


Phsar Douem Thkov, Phnom Penh

One of Phnom Penh’s disturbing number of ‘wandering old women’ takes a mid-morning rest.

Has she a place to call home and a family to count on? I doubt it. Such is the legacy of the Khmer Rouge.

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11 thoughts on “Door: Shut Out

    • Many? Hard to say if they actually have homes I guess, but there is often groups of 4-5 outside weddings seeking alms and more still at Wats when there is something on.

      Did many of the woman who were forced to move by the Khmer Rougue never make it back to their hometowns?

  1. It always surprises me how much a single image can convey such emotion. I know we have the “picture paints a thousand words …” cliche, but most don’t. This shot does and it makes me incredibly sad.

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