Penang Caricatures: Cannon Shot


It says: A cannon shot fired during the 1867 Penang riots made a large hole in this area, hence the name.

Penang is a stunning little city, seeped in character. Some Chinese shopfronts have been renovated, while others remain in a delicious state of disrepair.

Yet, almost all house active business and so, despite its UNESCO status, Penang is no toy-town; it’s colourful, multicultural and busy without being manic.

Two of the things that add much to the city are the fabulous works of Street Art, most of which are by Ernest Zacharevic, and the Welded Iron Wall Caricatures.

Zacharevic’s street art is delightful, witty and joyful.

The caricatures which are scattered within the old part of the city, mostly show life in the early days of the Penang settlement

Penang was a special treat. Get there if you can.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.03.22 pm


2 thoughts on “Penang Caricatures: Cannon Shot

  1. Interesting way of portraying social comment on historic events. The pith helmet v. the conical straw hat, the colonialist v. local. Is Zachaveric a resident artist, or travelling expat?

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