Cambodian Coppers Untrustworthy Say Most

DSC_0165Just 28% of Cambodians agree that their police force act accordingly to the law.

As frighteningly low as that number is, frankly I am staggered that more than a quarter of its citizens manage to see the police positively at all.

Although, there are so many police officers in Cambodia maybe it is them and their relatives that have voted this way?

Only 30% believe that the police respect the basic rights of suspects.

And just 22% of Cambodians think that police officers are charged or punished if they break the law.

Such low figures meant that Cambodia ranked 99th out of the 102 countries surveyed in the recent World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index.

Only Afghanistan and Venezuela and Zimbabwe ranked lower than Cambodia.


3 thoughts on “Cambodian Coppers Untrustworthy Say Most

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Philippines has a lower ranking compared to Cambodia. Our police officers are usually in the news where some of them are members of carnapping incidents, drugs, and kidnappings.

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