Indonesia Slays Eight



Convicted drug convicts, Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, Martin Anderson, reportedly from Ghana, Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte, Indonesian Zainal Abidin, and three Nigerians – Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise, Raheem Agbaje Salami and Okwudili Oyatanze – were all executed by firing squad last night.

I know only of the two Australians. Young men who did a stupid, stupid thing.

Yet, despite the trauma of ten years on death row they acted with dignity and courage and made positive contributions from within the confines of their cramped prison cells.

Chan, was a particularly unpleasant man in his youth; a bully who recruited the naive to risk their lives and move drugs into Australia.


In Kerobokan prison on Bali, Chan converted to Christianity, ran drug counselling courses, visited sick inmates and conducted an English language church service. He and Sukumaran​ used their supporters to obtain food, medical supplies and money for other prisoners. The prison governor, Sudjonggo​, described them as model prisoners who should not be executed.

Inside prison Sukumaran was:

…appointed a “kelian banjar”, the leader of a group of about 20 prisoners, including some who had also been given death sentences, in the maximum security wing. His role was to give out tasks, talk with the guards, try to resolve disputes and have some part in overseeing less serious penalties given to other prisoners.

Shame Indonesia. Shame.

A barbaric political act.

Six of the Nine who were shot dead last night.

Six of the Eight men who were shot dead last night.


8 thoughts on “Indonesia Slays Eight

  1. Do you have kid who died because of the drugs? Do you go to the rural Cambodian villages where the drugs dealers spread their net to kill the young generation softly? Does your heart become so soft because they’re Aussie and blinded of the thousands of dead or dying young people because of drugs?
    Shame on you, being blind in the country which has the same problem as Indonesia.

    • OK, so you haven’t got back with any proof that shooting dead drug smugglers is an effective deterrent.

      Here though is the outline of a study that shows government sanctioned killing doesn’t help.

      “But a study of the experience of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia between 1999 and 2005, a time when Singapore and Malaysia were executing heavily and Indonesia was not, shows that drugs were significant cheaper in Singapore and Malaysia. Drug use also rose in both countries and remained more prevalent in Singapore than Indonesia.

      “During this era, 73 persons were executed in Singapore [including more than half who were drug offenders], compared to two in Indonesia,” Kagan said. “Yet drug trafficking was increasing and drug prices were lower in Singapore.”

      Oh and China and Iran kill ’em too and their drug problems remain immense.

      It is I who should be shamed?

  2. All countries have problems with drugs. Any proof that killing smugglers stops the drugs. Any at all? Show me…

    And because they are Aussie? No. My sadness is for all 8 killed last night. That should have been clear by me putting the picture of all eight now dead on the post. Don’t try that one, pal.

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