Cambodia, Siem Reap

Cambodian Hotel World’s 3rd Best

Shinta Mani Club, in Siem Reap, has just been named the world’s 3rd best hotel by Trip Advisor

Fabulous hotel, fabulous philosophy….

“Shinta Mani Club with its “Open Doors, Open Hearts” reflects our commitment to responsible tourism. USD5 of your nightly room rate will be donated to the Shinta Mani Foundation to help us to achieve our goal of creating a lasting and positive impact for the people of Cambodia.”

The foundation focuses on helping people start businesses, education and healthcare.

The hotel focuses on, and obviously succeeds in, giving its customer an excellent Cambodian stay.



One thought on “Cambodian Hotel World’s 3rd Best

  1. wow. that’s awesome. it’s rare to find hotels that focus on education and skill building for local staff and community, as opposed to a company that is looking out only for its own interests. if i visit siem reap in the future i’ll have to consider it!

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