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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top: Chilli Snails


Snails, Chilli, Steam

Steamed snails with chilli on top.

These snails are easy to find on the streets of Phnom Penh. Water is occasionally squirted over the top to keep them steaming as they are walked down the road in mobile carts.


Tigers a top a mountain

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top: Chilli Snails

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    • Poor Cambodia, sandwiched between two countries with fabulous cuisines and it just can’t match them.

      Cambodians of course will disagree…

      It’s nothing like as fiery as Thailand,nor does it have the depth of flavour that you find in Thai and Vietnamese food. And it has nothing like the variety of its neighbours, either…

      It does seem to be developing though. Or, perhaps it is more a case of dishes reappearing. After all eating simply to survive was the order of the day until quite recently…

      Can’t see it ever matching Thai food- which I adore- though.

      Thanks, Barbara.

  2. I could not eat that. Hot peppers kill my stomach and to eat that snail would not be something that I would want to eat. I once had snail at a restaurant and it was like eating erasers.

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