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What a Rubbish Sunset!

One much-touted tourist attraction of the Philippines is the Manila Bay sunset. Just one look shows you why.

But this is also Manila Bay. No attraction here, is there? In fact it’s repellent. Why is it that what should be a tourist-magnet looks like this? Well, obviously, money is neither being spent on a short-term or long-term solution. And the Philippines, being such a poor country, there’s not much you can do about that, right?

Not exactly. The United Nations and the World Bank think that they can do something about it; those organisations pour tens of millions of dollars into the Philippines to help fix such problems. Yet the beach remains in a disgusting state. You can see that’s the reality.

Where does all that money go, then? Much of it goes directly into the hands of the highly-corrupt government officials. Why, when you know that the Philippines is corrupt, would anyone expect it to go anywhere else?

You wouldn’t give liquor and car keys to teenage boys, would you? So why cash and impunity to rotten governments? That just props up stinking administrations and it doesn’t keep the beach clean.


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