Jeepneys, Manila, Philippines

Jeepers its a Jeepney

These vehicles are an immediately obvious and colourful part of Manila.

The favoured form of public transport because they are cheap, travel the main and secondary routes through the city and you can get off anywhere you please. No need to wait for a bus stop to come into site, just holler and you can leap out at exactly your right spot.

They became popular when the Americans left behind so many jeeps at the end of the Second World War and were quickly converted for public transport use. Now the jeepneys are often made from second-hand Japanese trucks and produced by small ‘backyard’ operators who may make only 1-5 jeepneys a month.
The size of the jeepney can vary from one that is only a little bigger than the standard jeep, up to the one you can see below.

They make a bright addition to an otherwise drab, big city.



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